Abeille W

The ABEILLE MAISON W – GLAMPING TENT embodies a new, fresh and clever way of luxurious winter camping. An exclusive blend of technical refinement and luxurious ambiance, the Abeille Masion W is a unique glamping tent designed for relishing the outdoors in the colder months, when Nature is less welcoming. Thanks to its unique furnishings and heating system, you can allow yourself to be enamored by an immense feeling of coziness, even off camping season. The glamping tent house is manufactured entirely in our facilities, under the careful supervision of an experienced engineering and design team. Retain a sense of comfortable isolation against a natural landscape, while warming your hands by a crackling fireplace, lay back and relax in a king size bed, breathing in the view through a see-through, jelly screen made from specialized materials. Immerse yourself in an air of opulence, relaxing in the warmth of your sheets with the snow falling against the tent canvas. The headboard and sofa upholstery, embellished with tufting and a decorative trim, exude an air of coziness and comfort.

Furniture with sculptural lines, upholstery and detailing. Luxurious, high-pile fabrics and traditional, rich geometric patterns – the epitome of sophistication, infusing opulent materials such as velvet, warm wood and rich tones to create an ambiance that is impossible to resist. A hint of art takes center-stage in the form of a stunning chandelier akin to liquid honey, designed by the contemporary artist Marta Pop Antoska-Bashevska. Balance is achieved across the design elements to ensure an exclusive interior that is both fabulously refined and wonderfully comfortable. Enjoy the comfort of a spacious three-part bathroom, equipped with all the amenities necessary for a grand atmosphere, with stone double sinks with vanities, which sit just opposite the illuminated wardrobe fitted with glass doors. The tent is equipped with all the necessities needed to relish a cold winter’s night: a heating system with fireplace, fan coilers and heated towel rails, en-suite shower, lounge seating, small wooden-leather bar with all essential appliances, electric lighting with rustic chandeliers enhancing the warm winter ambient, a grandiose king-size bed intricately decorated, fully transparent jelly cover at the front entrance, as well as an outdoor hot tub with digitally controlled pump and soft touch control panel.

  • Suitable for all weather conditions
  • All natural materials
  • Modern design

Technical Information & Equipment

The accommodation units are fully equipped with a variety of interior design solutions to maximize the level of winter glamping comfort.

  • Wooden interior;
  • Water- resistant plywood floor and designer water- resistant, durable, pinewood flooring;
  • Upholstered interior sandwich- panels with built-in installations and signature details;
  • Specially treated wood for construction;
  • Highly durable, high- quality canvas roof, fire-, water- ,snow - and UV- resistant;
  • Inner tent made from highly durable canvas, fire-, water- and UV- resistant;
  • Dual- layer roof with spaces serving as air channels, specifically designed to aid perfect air- flow and temperature management;
  • Clear vinyl enclosure (jelly panels) on four sides of the tent which ensure barrier to cold,rain,snow,wind and pollen;
  • Side windows with mosquito nets, thick gauge vinyl (gelatin) for cold weather conditions and inside roll blinds;
  • Entrance opening equipped with fully transparent jelly cover at the front entrance and a zip-locker system;
  • Three-part bathroom - classic toilet, separate shower area, stone double sinks with mirror just opposite the illuminated wardrobe with glass doors;
  • Wardrobe with glass doors and lighting;
  • Safe;
  • King size bed with textile options, cushions and bedspreads;


● Heating system ● Photovoltaic panels for electricity supply ● Soft tub ● Sun beds ●Audio and TV set ● Touch screen control (for resort) ● Wooden paths ● Outdoor lightning ● Security surveillance system